Easylogger 900 Series

This microcomputer provides for sensor measurements, date and time recording, communications, data reduction and report formatting.  A menu driEasy Logger 900ven operating system with 104K of usable RAM is standard and is capable of storing up to 25,000 data points by itself.  The removable Data Storage Packs (DSP) provide unlimited protection for your program setup instructions as well as for your data, in case of power interruptions, and are available in four memory sizes.  The removable Sensor Terminal Pack (STP) makes it easy to wire multiple sensors to the field unit.  The STP is also available with an optional thermocouple reference junction.  Lighted diodes indicate when the logger is receiving power and when it is writing to the DSP.  The EL-924D requires a regulated 12V power supply.




12 Analog input channels:

5 Ranges:  ±5V; ±1V; ±100 mV; ±50 mV; ±10 mV

Resolution:  13 to 16 bits, user selectable

3 pulse/frequency/counter channels  
4 digital inputs  
4 digital outputs  
Two Serial Ports  
Remote communications  
Multitasking CPU  
Auto re-boot mechanism  
On-board conversion formulas for Thermistor and types E, J, K, and T Thermocouples:  


    RNG- Max - Min
    Time of MAXimum
    Time of MINimum
    Standard DEViation
    SUM since last report
    TOTAL since beginning of report

Size:      6.2" W x 10.0" L x 1.3: D (15.90 x 25.64 x 3.33 cm)
Weight:  28 ounces (0.8 kg) without DSP or STP attached


EL-924D Field Unit package

Package with 128D DSP (55,000 data pts)

Model: EL-924D-256
Package with 256K DSP (85,000 data pts)

Model: EL-924D-512
Package with 512D DSP (145,000 data pts)

Model: EA-110
16-Channel multiplexer option



EasyLogger 900



Model: EL-909C RS-232
SmartCable with ring button: EL-924D to a PC

Model: SW-116
EasyTools communications software

Model: SW-120
Weather-Base Data Management software




DSP Reader Option

If you like the option of removing the DSP and bringing it back to your office for reading the data, choose our EL-910 DSP Reader option.  Plug this reader into your desk or laptop PC and read and erase the DSP.  Be sure to order spare DSPs if you choose this option.


Model: EL-910US
110V AC Reader
Model: EM-9128
Spare DSP: Stores up to 30,000 data points
Model: EL-910EU
220V AC Reader
Model: EM-9256
Spare DSP: Stores up to 60,000 data points

        Model: EM-9512
        Spare DSP: Stores up to 120,000 data points

EasyLogger 900

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