Datapod® DPX Series
The DPX Series is limited to 1 or 2 channel logger packages with dedicated sensors for monitoring: barometric pressure, leaf wetness, precipitation (rain), soil moisture, solar radiation, temperature, water level (using either a pressure transducer or float & pulley sensor), water quality (conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature), water turbidity, wind direction and wind speed. Ideal for agriculture, municipal and general water and weather monitoring applications.

DPX Series Technical Specifications:

Analog Input: One channel; 0-5 Volts (model specific)

Digital Input:
One channel counter (model specific)

Output Trigger:
25 mA output signal; software triggered

NEMA 4X rated sealed case which houses the logger, the battery, the sensor connection parts (cable gland seal or Cannon connector), desiccant, and the RS-232 COM port with rubber plug seal

Memory: 10,000 data points can be stored in wrap-around non-volatile EPROM

Power: A user replaceable 9V alkaline or 9V lithium battery operates the logger for up to one year, depending on the sensor and recording interval. Non-volatile EPROM holds all set-up instructions and data indefinitely. A separate lithium battery is used to back up the clock

User Options:
With a PC or terminal attached, a menu selection allows you to choose from once a second to once a day recording intervals. Choose "instantaneous" or "MIN-MAX-AVE" recordings. A location "ID" can be recorded for each logger. The date and time stamp is resettable. A sensor delay option allows the sensor to warm up. Software settable reference formulas

An RS-232 COM Port connects the logger to any DOS PC. The data is transferred in standard spreadsheet (ASCII) format to a DOS file. Software included

2.56"W x 3.70" L x 3.19"D (6.5 x 9.4 x 8.1 cm)

9 ounces

-30 to 140 oF (-35 to 60 oC); 0 to 100% Relative Humidity


S-70 Water Level Sensor
S-61 Temperature Probe

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